If you use it on your car it will look like this! (conditions apply)

If you use it on your car it will look just like this! (conditions apply)
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MaxWax is a Unique Blend of carefully chosen Waxes in liquid form

Maxwax is the furniture wax that cleans, protects and shines - and it's safe to use on wood, leather, granite, plastics and metal!

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Why Choose MaxWax

maxwax rag

MaxWax is amazing......does your....

  • Dining table look tired
  • Your Teak furniture need help
  • TV's plastic surfaces look bleached by the sun
  • BBQ need a serious clean-up
  • Car dashboard look faded and dull
  • Leather Jacket, hat, hiking boots, motorcycle leathers need waterproofing

                                                         Fix all that with maxwax!

A Full 100% Guarantee

We want you to be fully confident that when you buy from us you can do so knowing that we back Maxwax with a Full 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the results, then let us know your reason within 90 days of ordering it and we will refund your money in full (we may ask for the remaining Maxwax to be returned to us at our own expense).

maxwax rag

Maxwax: an ideal solution for many different applications.

  • As a furniture polish for all wooden (natural, oiled or lacquered) articles.
  • Hides scratches on wooden and lacquered surfaces.
  • As a protective coating for exterior furniture.
  • On raw wood to develop natural grain and colour.
  • On your BBQ to remove fat splatter and leave non-cook surfaces clean and bright.
  • For granite, stone and terrazzo surfaces.
  • For leather bags, shoes, briefcases, jackets, saddles, etc ("Application Tips").
  • For hard surface car interiors (doesn't collect dust like silicones).
  • Most plastics; radios, stereos, TV's etc.
  • Revives powder coated window frames that have "dulled".
  • As a metal coating to prevent tarnish of copper, brasses, silver and iron.
  • As a coating to revive and protect tool surfaces (saw blades etc).
  • On "Satin" finish Stainless Steel to clean off and resist further finger marking!
  • To remove sticky labels from bottles.
  • As a lubricant for drawers that "grab".
  • As a gift for someone you really care for!